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Sunday, July 08, 2012


Lego Church Complete with Pipe Organ
BEFORE LEGOS THERE WERE LINCOLN LOGS and Erector Sets. They allowed me create for hours on end, but they never matched the creative flexibility that Legos allowed. Lincoln Logs and Erectorsets are items of a by-gone era. (Well, not really gone, but overrun by so many other "Build" items.) Walk into a Lego store and you can see that the sky is the limit. With the right amount of blocks and gizmos you can build just about anything.
     In 1 Chronicles 22 we encounter King David acquiring the right building supplies for his son, Solomon. He not only gathered the needed supplies, but also the needed craftsmen, so that his son would have all that he would need to build the very thing that King David could not; a dwelling place for the Most High and a place in which the Ark of God’s Covenant could rest and where the needed sacrifices would be performed.
     As I read through this short chapter I was drawn to the question my own preparation work upon which my children could build a temple for the Lord. Was I providing the needed supplies which they could use to build the temple of God that now dwells within them? I found it challenging that King David not only gathered the needed supplies, but he also passed on to his son the command to build. “David said to Solomon, ‘My son, I had it in my heart to build a house for the Name of the LORD my God.’” David went on to tell Solomon that the LORD would not allow him to build it because the bloodshed in his own life, but rather the temple would be built by a man of peace. He told his son that he would be that man.
     The sermons within this chapter are manifold, but the one which struck the greatest resonance within my heart was how was I doing at giving my children the supplies and stipulations needed to build a house in which the Lord to dwell, especially with Lizzie turning 18 (Happy Birthday, Bean!) this past week and getting ready to head off to Biola University? What legacy of word and work am I giving to those given to me by the Lord?
     May the Lord grant us hearts filled with the desire to see His dwelling place formed within our own children and the children who make Felton Bible Church their home. May we all provide that which is needed by the grace God supplies.
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