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Sunday, June 10, 2012


BEING LOST MANIFESTS ITSELF in various forms. There is the feeling of being lost in the midst of your senior year history final. There is the sense of being lost when you begin a new job or attend a new school. There is the frightful sense of being lost when you realize that you’re in a new city all by yourself. You can be lost when you lose contact with mom and dad in the midst of Disneyland. You can feel lost when you’re all alone in the dark and you can feel lost in the midst of the largest crowd. All in all, being lost is not an experience we seek, nor is it one that we tend to enjoy, but it is all one we have experienced. Being lost is well…being lost.
     Over the past few days we celebrated those who have met the academic rigors of their level of education and are moving on to new beginnings. For some these new beginnings can mean leaving the comforts of family, friends and familiar surroundings and moving to a place where they might feel a little lost. For others there may come the feeling of being lost because they don’t know what the future holds for them. Our prayer for all of these is that they will soon find a place to call home, and a place in which they are found and loved.
     This week we celebrate the 2012 edition of Vacation Bible School. There is the possibility that in the midst of 300 kids and over 100 staff a person could feel lost. Of course, here too, our prayer is that each attendee and each servant-leader will quickly find their place and feel welcomed, loved and at home.
     This year’s theme is, The Lost and Found Detective Agency. Each day we will be discovering the truths of God power, provision, plan, purpose and peace that He desires each one to find. It is our prayer that each child will know that they don’t have to be lost, but rather that God has on gone a search for each one of them. It is His deepest desire that no one is lost, but that all can come to know the peace and joy of being found.
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